Things you need to bring

  • We need to review your bills. Bring in the actual bills received from your creditors over the last 90 days. We will get a copy of your credit report for you as well, but it may not list all of your debt so get together as many bills as possible.
  • We need your monthly bills/utilities as well, so get together all your recurring monthly bills as well and bring them with you.
  • You will need to show the court proof of your income (including child support) over the last six (6) months. Therefore, bring with you payroll stubs or a letter from your payroll department on company letterhead. If you work for yourself, bring in your bank deposits.
  • If you own a home, we need to review your closing papers. Your closing papers will have a deed, a deed of trust, note, appraisals etc. If there has been any appraisals done within the last year then we will need those documents as well.
  • A copy of any lease agreement, including motor vehicles and rental property.
  • A copy of all titles to your motor vehicles.
  • We need to review the Income tax return that you filed for last year.
  • We need to review any court documents you may have received over the last year. These include lawsuits, judgments, liens, divorce papers, child support orders. If you have any doubt about if these apply or not then bring them with you for the initial consultation and one of our attorneys will be able to let you know.
  • We may need to review you checking account statements for the last 6-12 months.
  • You MUST have car and home insurance (if you own your home). Be prepared to purchase insurance if your policy has lapsed. Let us know if you don’t have current insurance.
  • We need to know if anyone has co-signed a debt for you such as your mom, dad, former wife or husband, best friend etc.
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