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Wills, Estates, and Probate

Wills, Estates, and Probate

A person does not need to have a large estate to plan and prepare for death. No one likes to think of death but we cant avoid it. A will may give you peace of mind. Anyone who has a child, owns property, whether “personal property” such as cash, stocks, jewelry or furniture, or “real property,” such as land and/or a house, should prepare a will. If married, each spouse should have a will.

A will is a legal document that determines what happens to your property after your death. A will states who receives property and how much property they will receive.

In addition to distributing or transferring property, a will may be used to name a guardian for any minor children or dependents, or to create a trust and designate a trustee to handle the property left after death on behalf of your children or other people. This is especially important if you have a blended family so as to avoid disputes between family members once you have past away.

Dying Withuot a Will

The laws are specific as to how property is to be distributed, including which relatives have priority and how the property is divided and you may not have a choice on how things are distributed

When there is no valid will then the person is said to have died “intestate.” A court appoints an administrator to handle the decedent’s affairs, and his or her property is then distributed according to a formula fixed by law. The laws for distribution of an intestate estate are rigid and generally do not make accommodations for those in unusual need. After payment of taxes, debts, funeral expenses and administrative costs, the property goes to the surviving spouse, children and/or relatives. The laws are specific as to how property is to be distributed, including which relatives have priority and how the property is divided and you may not have a choice on how things are distributed.

Drafting a will is an important and sometimes complex matter that involves the judgment and skills of an attorney. Widrig Law PLLC can help you with this very important matter, so call for an appointment before it is too late.

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At the Law Office of Widrig Law, we understand how difficult probate can be for you and your family. That is why we am dedicated to helping our Tennessee clients through all of their probate concerns, from estate administration to obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship

Protecting the People You Love

It can be hard to watch the people you care about most lose their ability to care for themselves. Whether you are worried about an elderly parent or another loved one who has fallen ill, a conservatorship can give you peace of mind that their affairs will be taken care of properly.

A conservator will have the power to make financial and health decisions on behalf of your loved one. I can help you petition the court to appoint you as the conservator. I am also very experienced serving as a conservator.

Planning for the Future

We are also available to help you plan for the future. we can draft wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney. Whether you are concerned that a family member does not have these documents, or you need them yourself, we will listen to your needs and create an estate plan to fit the situation.

When a Loved One Passes Away

If you have been named an executor of a loved one’s estate, recently lost a family member who did not have a will, or are involved in a will contest, we can guide you through the legal process.

Widrig Law is also a Family Law Attorney law firm. We also handle: Divorce Attorneys, Child Support Lawyers and Bankruptcy Attorneys for all your legal needs.

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"My family and I thank you for your assistance in obtaining my divorce. I left the courthouse with a sense of relief... I know that it is what we paid you to do, but wanted you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you! I will gladly refer you to anyone that I know who is in need of the types of legal services that you provide." GS
"I want to thank you so much for taking my case. I feel like this situation is so petty and ridiculous and I appreciate you taking me on as a client and being so informative and on top of things. I just feel like I am in good hands and I appreciate that so much." CT
"Widrig Law was very helpful during an unexpectedly difficult time in my life. They provided expertise that was througtful in how legal proceedings can impacts people and families. The approach to my family law matter was tailored to my needs. I highly recommend working with James Widrig and his team" HP